Cleaning the web

Cleaning the web is the next Google Chrome plan, by adding an ad filter to prevent disturbing UE ads


Google is about to implement an ad filter in its successful Chrome browser, early at 2018, and is telling publishers to get prepared.

Google move at the field of ad filtering is going to fight both the ad blocking industry, as well of annoying and disturbing ad formats that hurt the user experience. The new Google chrome’s ad filter, will not block all ads from the web, and that’s why we name it as ad filter, and it is reasonable assumption that Adsense and Ad exchange ads, the leading Google advertising products, will not get blocked.

However, even Google ads may be blocked, if they are delivered on pages that do not comply with the Google guidelines.

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The expected ads to be blocked, are the intrusive and annoying ads such as:

  1. video advertisements on autoplay and sound on

  2. interstitials that take up the entire screen

  3. popping ads while scrolling the web page

Google will also offer an option to users to pay directly to websites, in case they are blocking all ads on websites. The payment will be possible using a program called Funding Choices. In order to participate in the program, publishers have to sign up and enable support for this feature separately.

In order to prepare publishers for the new environment change, Google is providing a new tool that publishers can run on their sites to detect ads that are violating the guidelines and expected to be blocked.

Here you can find more info:

And also of course, a link to the tool itself:

We recommend publishers to start taking action on validating their ads stand with the expected Google guidelines, and as always we at Adipolo will be happy to help and share our experience with you, to make sure the new expected changes will not affect you as a publisher , and keep your revenue growing




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