Our Mission

To help keep the world’s information free and accessible, with the right team, the right product, and the right partners.

Our Story

Adipolo was born in 2015 with a great passion, and an innovative idea to simplify the ad monetization strategy. With years of experience, while the ad stack industry was complex and lack of satisfactory efficiency, our founders built a friendly and optimized ecosystem for publishers.

what we do

We provide publishers and media companies access to premium display, video, and native demand on a global reach. Our team has an in-depth understanding of the digital advertising market, which enables us to provide better digital solutions at scale.

Our Advantages

We are not just a digital serving platform. We are not just an ad network, nor are we just a media company. we are  innovators, and builders dedicated to transforming the way brands engage with people, deciphering that match to obtain the highest value, at scale.

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